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Hailing from Albuquerque, NM, Def-i represents the Diné Nation as one of the Southwest’s most active and prominent touring artists. His performance styles range wide from Hip-Hop and Spoken Word to Contemporary Native-American Acoustic. Emerging from the Underground Indy rap circuit, his eclectic repertoire of talent has allowed him to single-handedly perform regularly throughout the country as an artist, and an educator. His dedication to cultural preservation and lyrical mastry has earned him the respect of hip hop veterans, industry professionals, academics, and upcoming generations.


Rise and Vibes Festival

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Tico Time Resort , Aztec, NM

Rise and Vibes Music Festival is an annual music and camping festival that unfolds within the natural beauty of the Animas River Valley. Located between Aztec, NM and Durango, CO, this carefully curated music festival is in the heart of one of the most breathtaking parts of Colorado and New Mexico.

Def-i is a voice for the voiceless” - Sway Calloway

— Sway in the Morning

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