Christopher Mike-Bidtah

Hailing from Albuquerque, NM, Def-i represents the Diné Nation as one of the Southwest’s most active and prominent touring artists. His performance styles range wide from Hip-Hop and Spoken Word to Contemporary Native-American Acoustic. Emerging from the Underground Indy rap circuit, his eclectic repertoire of talent has allowed him to single-handedly perform regularly throughout the country solo or alongside his newly formed live-fusion quartet ‘DDAT.’ With multiple national tours and festivals under his belt, his recent ground breaking 2017 solo project ‘Arrow•Rhymanics’ received much deserved fanfare & launched him into featured appearances on internationally recognized segments such as Eminem’s XM radio station Shade 45, Sway In The Morning on Shade 45, BBC News, National Public Radio (NPR), Vans Warped Tour, PBS, and a plethora of other Hip-Hop outlets.


Deserted Oceans

Def-I continues the Dream Trails magic and teams up once again with veteran SoCal producer Ariano on Deserted Oceans, dropping the first single from the project, “Gather Round” on Feb. 7th. “Gather Round” is a true introduction to the EP; it’s the opening track and sets the tone for what is yet to come on the project. Backed by Ariano’s stripped down production of simple drums and an uplifting choir, Def-I effortlessly showcases his multi-dimensional MC stylings through his flawless and rapid-fire rapping. His lyrics have such intention and intelligence that when paired with the production, one can’t help but feel like they’re being lifted towards the heavens by real poetry in motion. Through seamless tempo and cadence changes, “Gather Round” showcases Def-I at his best; pure passion in his delivery of a message worth hearing. “Gather Round” is poised to be as much a visual journey as a lyrical one. With a video on the horizon and album artwork by the immensely talented Memphis-based visual artist, Nosey42, the track is primed to fully immerse the listener.


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